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Default Video Clips from Itoo Hall 10-14-08

When I started to upload these video clips, I realized I had nearly one hour of video. So it's broken down into many short clips.
Here are the short video clips from the player-intro part of the Itoo Hall event.

Jim Les begins introductions by lauding the fan support--

Coach Les starts the player introductions by saying this is the "quickest, fastest, most athletic team he's had" since his second year.--

Jim Les starts introducing the freshmen-
He starts with a first-time introduction of Ned Goertzen.--

Intro- James Robertson.--

Coach Les introduces the scholarship freshmen by saying this is one of the most talented freshman class we've brought into Bradley.
He starts with Darien Norris and related a little bit about how they found Darien through Coach Brooks' connections, then convinced him and his parents how easy it is to get from Las Vegas to Peoria.--

Jim introduces Taylor Brown and relates the story of how they heard about TB, recruited him, and got a commitment by seeing him at a juco event in Atlanta.--

More with Taylor Brown. Coach tells of his nickname for TB, one which he doesn't like.--

Coach jokes that Eddren McCain is "the other McCain on the ballot", but that "he's not behind in the polls". Coach pays EM a compliment by saying that the first time the coaches saw Eddren he reminded them of a young Daniel Ruffin--

Coach jokes with "Sticks" (Anthony Thompson) about gaining 40 pounds since last year.--

The sophomores-
Introducing Will Egolf, Coach Les gets some laughs as he says there were rumors that Will was friendly with one of the Palin daughters.
But then he confirms that Will had "nothing to do with it".--

Sam Maniscalco- Coach Les says that toughness is sending Sam home for a 4-day Fall Break, and he comes back with a black eye.--

Ryan Phillips, from Richwoods. The cip doesn't show this part, but Coach Les says Ryan earned a scholarship for the second semester last year.--

The juniors-
Chris Roberts- Coach Les says he was awed by his athleticism when he first saw him, but that Chris is even a better person than he is a basketball player.--

Dodie Dunson- Coach jokes that Dodie first went to Illinois State (everyone is entitled to one mistake), then he went to Iowa State (he was down to 2 strikes), but then he "starts swinging" and cames to Bradley. He compiments Dodie as "talented, but just a tremendous individual".--


Andrew Warren- Coach jokes that AW managed to break his foot just to get out of the preseason workouts and "get some time off". --

The seniors-
Brian Lavin- another home-grown guy from Peoria Notre Dame--
Coach is very complimentary toward Brian and his contributions to Bradley's success that last 3 years.--

Coach jokes with Sam Singh about how long he's been at Bradley and how much he has persevered.--

Coach Les introduces David Collins as "the biggest Canadian I've ever seen". Then he compliments him at how hard he worked to become a factor late in the season in the CBI.--

Coach Les introduces Theron Wilson, and compliments how he contributed in every possible way last year, when the coacvhes didn't know if they could expect much from him.--

Brief introduction of the assistant coaches Eric Buescher, Kyle Vogt, Alvin Brooks III, and Steve Merfeld.--

Sam Maniscalco says a few words--

Theron Wilson speaks briefly and promises a great year.--

Andrew Warren takes over and is introduced as the team comedian and impressionist.--
AW promises more at the upcoming BU Gala (Nov. 12), but does work in one impression of Eddren McCain.--

Finally, a short clip of the overflow crowd of 600+ that were at the Itoo Hall.--
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Old 10-16-2008, 01:14 PM
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Here are a couple more videos from the Itoo Hall event on Oct. 14, 2008.-

From the Peoria Journal Star, an 8 min 44 sec clip of coverage of the event, interviews, and introductions of the players.--

And from BUBraves.tv, a 7 min 13 sec video of the Itoo event with some interviews. Late in the video is a short segment of the men's basketball team playing a game of kickball in Haussler Hall- worth watching! --
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