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Default Column in PJStar alleges MLB has rigged the World Series

writer of this AP column claims ...
"baseball needs to come clean about what’s going on"

implying a conspiracy by someone in MLB to apparently "juice the ball" so there's more home runs!!

Never mind that hundreds of people are involved in the manufacture, stitching and delivery of those baseballs to whatever park they're playing in - and the payoffs have been held at 8 different parks involving 10 different teams and 70-80 different pitchers who sure would blow the whistle if the ball was different.

BUT - keep in mind every team in MLB was getting home run records as was the whole league in general - and they have been regularly breaking home run records every year for more than the last decade.

Is this guy claiming the ball is getting juicier every year for 10-15 years?? Kinda preposterous allegation for a journalist to make with next to zero evidence to go on.
Anyone who watches baseball knows players are bigger and intent on swinging for home runs and strikeouts are way up also - so maybe let's also allege that somehow all the bats being used in MLB must be un-juiced or narrower and thus swinging & missing more.

There was this claim that the balls were slicker than usual and it interfered with throwing sliders...
BUT -- anyone who watched the last couple games clearly saw that all those homes runs - were hit off FASTBALLS!
Anyway, Darvish, Janssen and Kershaw kinda have to come up with some excuse since they are getting clobbered by a good hitting Astros team that is killing the ball...
They are hitting dead square and launching most of those homers - they are leaving dents in the wall on the ones that don't clear it.
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