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Caterpillar has a market cap of 70 billion dollars. Paying taxes is part of your civic duty to better society as a whole. In fact, CAT is worth 25% more now than it was during the HEIGHT of the housing bubble. When super rich corporations/individuals complain about a tiny percentage of their income, it sickens me. Caterpillar made 42.6 BILLION dollars in 2010. They're complaining about 0.0009% of last years earnings. This amount does not hurt them in any way shape or form. It is all a show. Our government needs to get tough on corporate greed.

Open your wallet. Does it have ANY money in it? That's more than a lot of billion dollar corporations pay in taxes. We need to wake up and realize that half of the reason our country is in the deficit we have is because corporations are grossly taking advantage of tax loopholes.

Its already disgusting that I pay half of the taxes as most everyone I know. And I will happily (and greedily) pay as little in to the system as possible until it is fixed. But it needs to be fixed. Across the board. Don't get mad at the state of Illinois. Get mad at the disgusting greed of Caterpillar.
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