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One interesting story that mentions Adheke - a column from 2014 about his high school, Hamilton Heights Academy...
details how they changed their entire plans a few years ago and began taking foreign students who were basketball players...
and they specifically give as examples that "American Universities" contact them (presumably just call them on the phone) and arrange for the foreign player that they are recruiting or are interested in.... to be brought over and enroll to play basketball at Hamilton Heights...
This brought in a lot of big $$ from sources that they had never dreamed would funnel money to the school and help them "pay the bills"...

"That expansion into Europe was a key to the long-reaching goals for
basketball at the small church school sandwiched between a real estate office
and a tea room on Hickory Valley Road.

“We had an American university that was trying to bring a player, a junior they
were recruiting, to America,” Stone said Wednesday. “They wanted to go ahead
and get him over here...

That leap of faith to seek student-athletes from across the Atlantic Ocean
has elevated the Hawks’ program to near elite status among the nation’s top
basketball schools, most of which are sponsored by shoe-makers such as
Nike and adidas."
(as well as the American schools "helping them out" "provide scholarships" for the international blue-chippers...)
"There are plenty of international players .....“I probably turn down 50 kids a year.
We have almost 20 kids on scholarship playing college ball right now."

so in effect, they are a good private school that has been in existence for decades but they kind of found a real cash-cow doing this foreign basketball-prep school thing.....this kind of answers why so many schools lately are going this route, it's the financial lure....
--- all the Florida prep schools we've been talking about, Boys to Men, Decatur Christian, Traders Point, La Lumiere, Brehm Prep, Mooseheart, Culver Academy, etc...
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