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Originally Posted by pfcmsh View Post
Since the Blue Hens defeated us the last 2 years handily, why would we be favored by 7-8 points? Their Coach is not new any more. I realize that we have more talent, depth and experience now, but is that enough to go from losing by 14 last year to winning by 7-8?
I agree. I was a little surprised to see Bradley favored by that much. The home court is worth a few points, but not enough to explain that margin. But realize that the Las Vegas betting line is chosen not to try to accurately pick the result, but to maximize the betting and minimize the chances that the house will end up losing money. That is reflected by the fact that the point spread will shift if too much money is bet on one side, to encourage bettors to bet on the other side so that the money bet on each side is fairly even.
The point spread at some casinos initially dropped slightly to 6.5 points, and now has moved slightly up to 7.5 points favoring Bradley-
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