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Originally Posted by tornado View Post
... With all that’s going on in Chicago, with all the violence and everything..
wow - very sad news out of Chicago - especially in light of the police personnel being trashed by so many outspoken "leaders"....

Memorial Day weekend in Chicago...
at least 56 people shot - a DOZEN reported KILLED

....then this.... "no arrests have been made..."

Baltimore reported 29 shootings and NINE deaths - compared to the same Holiday weekend interval in 2014 when there were zero shootings and zero deaths
May has seen 35 gunshot deaths in Baltimore in a single month...105 for the calendar year 2015 -
this has been the worst month and they're on track for the worst year in more than a decade & a half...
Gotta wonder if the politics, activism, and "protests" have made this far, far worse - with the very victims being those the protesters want protected!
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