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Default OT - Interesting recruiting tool...

It's a recruiting tool we can use against Loyola, UIC & DePaul....

Here's a kid who had a tremendous scholarship to a school in Chicago but turned it down and chose Bradley instead... order to get out of Chicago and the violence that exists there..
read his story...

"Lander Braggs, a 17-year old African American high school senior .. recently gave up a chance to attend
a prestigious college in Chicago because of the cityís violence.

...he turned down a full tuition $80,000 scholarship to attend the prestigious Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)
because he fears becoming a victim of Chicagoís inner city violence.

..ďIím just thinking, like, I donít want that for me. I want to be able to just go through life and not have to worry
about whatís going to happen to me tomorrow. With all thatís going on in Chicago, with all the violence and everything
..I just wanted a different environment.Ē
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