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There have been some wild and irresponsible allegations made on twitter, but anyone who knows either Dr. Chris Reynolds or Brian Wardle surely would know that they would NOT condone nor tolerate any kind of abuse, discrimination or racism in our Athletic Department.
Life doesn't always seem fair, but the scholarships are AWARDED by the school & the coaching staff - they are not an entitlement.

Also - after Dave Reynolds direct-tweeted to Jojo's mother and asked her to email him...and she said she would....

Dave writes his column and talks about going forward without Jojo but mentions no further info or details or if he got anything from talking with Jojo's mother.
The last time this kind of thing happened - Dave Reynolds talked with Tyrone Cole-Scott's father then went with it and printed it verbatim as if it were fact, and yet it was later proven to be a complete lie. So I would say journalistic standards require doing a little more research than just printing what a disgruntled person says.

BTW- I know DR has been at Wardle practices - and I know he was also at Geno Ford I am sure he easily sees the differences.
Geno Ford practices had absolutely ZERO discipline...players came in late, goofed off, and acted generally like a wild 3rd grade class out of control...until Geno had to scream and threaten to take away playing time from players - which he did as you can look back and see almost every player who played under Geno got suspended once or twice then came back and did the same thing. And I have personally been at Geno practices and heard him call players demeaning and derogatory names, "question their manhood" (if you know what I mean) and use language NSFW - oddly even tho I am 100% certain Dave Reynolds & KW also saw this - they never wrote about it.
But Wardle practices are like precise clockwork. They are tough, precise, and the coach demands players be on time and accountable for their actions but nobody gets abused. I can't say foul language never gets used, but I have never heard any of it. Total 180 from Geno - and I am sure DR sees the differences -so maybe he will note that in his columns. But I have never seen players abused or threatened under Wardle. He is strict but he cares very much for the guys. I have even had other people in the Athletic Dept. tell me the same thing over and over - that Geno's players were totally undisciplined and behaved like spoiled children and he had no reign on wonder so many were skipping class and getting into trouble down at Big Al's. And to think the PJS called JL's era "renegade"? In 2 1/2 years with Coach Wardle we have not had a single issue - until possibly now - and I say possibly because there's 2 sides.

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