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Originally Posted by BuBraves55 View Post
I think Manning will be back to form. I also think Tebow will be a pro bowler within the next few years.

Good for both (soon to be) teams.

But where does Tim go? Miami, McDaniels Land, San Francisco?
I'm hoping New England and take over for Brady in 3 years- nevermind didn't know Brady is only
Originally Posted by BuB View Post
Possibly. He won't have a long football career as a starter. The tour can always use a famous lefty. Has not been a good one since Earl Anthony, Johnny Petraglia, and Mike Aulby.
Originally Posted by FlyingSpaghettiMonster View Post
As average as Mark Sanchez is, I doubt the Jets brought Tebow in to start after paying Sanchez. It again seems like a odd fit. Philly was probably the best place for Tebow IMO.

Hey Spagetti Monster....... I think you missed my joke in there.
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